About Us

Institute of Defensive Methods was founded on September 1, 2008 by Sifu Cesar Olavarria and his wife, Wendy. Mr. Olavarria established this organization to help people understand and express themselves when the need arises to resolve conflict during a violent encounter. Because of this mission, Institute of Defensive Methods provides the highest quality in martial arts training and self-defense resolutions for the real world.
Our philosophy is based on a moral culture to eliminate conflict with a power that is rooted with humanity, justice and wisdom. It is our firm belief that through martial arts training: one can garner enough strength to become a guardian of justice, to help build a more peaceful world and to cultivate the human spirit toward the highest possible level.

Martial Arts for the Real World

Our  goals will always be to provide a positive environment for our students mental and physical growth. To inspire personal excellence by method of virtue. And to build our community through the martial arts brotherhood, which has always instilled that “Under the Sky, Under the Heavens, there is but One Family”.