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Location Update

Our new location is:  41 River Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031

New Saturday Schedule

We are happy to announce a new schedule for Saturday. 9am – 10am – Kid’s Program 10am-11am – Wing Chun Kung Fu 11am – 12pm – Kali / Eskrima 12pm-1pm – Jeet Kune Do 1pm-2pm – Women’s Self Defense

Virtual Classes

We’ve begun our virtual classes, and the response has been, frankly, amazing! I knew our students would appreciate being able to keep up their training, but I’ve been truly surprised by how important it’s been for our students and families. Wow…what an honor! (Deep Bow) We know how important

COVID-19 Response

As we continue to face the COVID-19 situation together as a community, I’m honored and proud for all the support and kind words from our students and families. Rest assured I take my responsibility very seriously, and am doing and will continue to do everything in my power to