Force Continuum

This is not a martial arts curriculum. It is military technology brought to you as a confrontation management system, designed for you to understand, retain, and apply.

You will learn the same methods taught to our elite Navy Seals, FBI, DEA, DOD, State and Local Agencies across America.

We cover a wide spectrum of ground survival, Baton defense against any edged weapon, gun retention and disarms.

Our program is designed to prepare the student for any type of threatening encounter. The training sessions are intense and realistic, using explosive attacks designed to end confrontations as quickly as possible.

This is taught in a two day Program. Privately or Semi-Privately

Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T.)

Specialized Military Technology designed by Sifu Paul Vunak for the elite US Naval Seal Team 6. These are military battle tactics now available to civilians to protect themselves or loved ones against a violent encounter.

“The Rat system teaches you to envision yourself as a porcupine, hunkered down inside a protective layer of mobile elbows and knees. It doesn’t teach you to block, duck, or bob and weave. It implores you to destroy your opponent’s weapon after he launches them. The resulting pain provides the perfect moment to enter.”…Sifu Vunak

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